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Lantern illuminated for good fortune
A lantern symbolizes one’s primordial spirit and affects
one’s corporal and mental conditions. It is believed that
one might be in need of illuminating a lantern for good
fortune in the temple whenever having any misfortune
or discomfort. The fast pace and tight schedules make
the modern people in need of good fortune physically
and mentally. Consequently, the service of illuminating a
lantern for good fortune is available to believers and
followers for peace and health in the future. By doing so
, it is possible to own good fortune for health, business,
examinations and family members, peace of mind,
promotion, riches, good academic performance, and
champion of contests and examinations.
  Lantern illuminated for good fortune
1. Fee: NT$300 per person for a year, 24/7
2. Procedure: Please register the personal files
  including the name, lunar calendar .
  birth date and address at the lantern
  illuminating counter