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Taking Gold Chicken home Movie
Taking Gold Chicken home
1. A pilgrim in need of taking Gold Chicken home performs
   blocks divination after stating the purpose honestly in
   front of the Land God and Goddess. (The Holy Blocks is
2. The pilgrim obtaining the Holy Blocks accomplishes the
   procedures and pays a fee of NT$ 3,600 at the regist-
   ration counter.
3. The Gold Chicken shall be held with both hands of the
   pilgrim circling the censer of Heavenly God (the Emperor
   of Heaven) 3 times with piety.
4. The Gold Chicken taken home shall be taken home with
   both hands holding and be worshipped at home or at
   office with a cup of tea (no tap water but boiled water)
   in front of it. A cup of rice is better.
5. A pilgrim taking the Gold Chicken home shall be not
   younger than the age of 20 years old.
Notices of blocks divination for Gold Chicken
A pilgrim performing blocks divination shall state one’s
name, address and purpose of Gold Chicken.
In front of the Land God and Goddess, I, a pilgrim living at
(address), is indeed in need of taking Gold Chicken home,
for luck and fortune of business.
Please grant me the Holy Blocks.
Notices of worshipping the Gold Chicken:
1. A cup of tea (no tap water but boiled tea) is worshi-
   pped in front of it.
2. It is unnecessary to change the tea every day, but the
   tea cannot be empty. It is better off to worship a cup
   of rice in front of it.
3. Please do bring the Gold Chicken back to Zi Nan Temple
   and immerse it in the incense of the censer of the Hea-
   venly God for luck and fortune.
How to find a wealth corner for putting Gold
1. The corner of left or right side against the central-open
2. The corner of the right side against the left-open door
3. The corner of the left side against the right-open door.
The red paper attached to the Gold Chicken offers you a
handy way to find the wealth corner.
Please consult an expert of geomantic omen for the
accurate wealth corner.
The following principles might apply:
1. The Gold Chicken is put at the wealth corner.
2. The wealth corner cannot at any noisy places such as
   the door or gateway.
3. There shall not be any windows or doors connecting to
   the exterior in the back or on both sides of the wealth
4.There shall not be any matters and filth at the wealth
   corner. Please avoid the conflict of sharp corners like
   the corner of wall or cabinet.
5. There shall not be any horizontal beam above the
   wealth corner. The wealth corner cannot be in the
   kitchen. It is necessary to keep the wealth corner