Origin of Zi Nan Temple
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Origin of Zi Nan Temple
Zi Nan Temple Water Spinach of Shiaochingtzu
In Emperor Chia-ching’s Adventures in Taiwan there are
anecdotes concerning Lee Yung Temple, Good flavor of
small Chushan red yams and Beauties in Mt. Chauching in
Chushan area. It is said that Emperor Chiaching traveled to the north and arrived at Sheliao ferry. There is a Lord
Temple nearby Sheliao Elementary School believed to w-
orship Generals Cheng and Huang liable for protecting the
Emperor perishing here. The both were honored as Lord
Cheng and Lord Huang.
As the Emperor arrived at the ferry, he was treated by water spinach of Shiachingtzu area that was extremely fresh and
delicious due to the everlasting spring in that area. This vegetable was loved and granted by the Emperor. It is out of the
question to know whether this anecdote is true, but it is possible to make water spinach of Shiachingtzu a local specialty
via using the natural spring in here.
The Emperor failed to cross the Zhuoshuei River and req-
uested the Land God of Chuchiaoliao perform His miracle
at the ferry, so the Emperor crossed the River and trav-
eled safely to Lukang, the final destination of his adven-
tures in Taiwan, all the way in terms of blessing and pro-
tection of the Land God. Later, the Land God of Chuchia-
oliao was also granted along with an officer cap in addition
to attending officers and officials by the Emperor.
It is necessary to perform the worship ritual prior to reform, so Mr. Chuang Chi-yan, the representative of Yunlin
Irrigation Association who had the altar at home and knew how the Temple was built in the first place as well, was
suggested to be the Chief Executive Director of the Reform Board. Mr. Chuang was admirable to take such post despite
fund deficit.
Later, the Reform Board collected money via liberal don-
ation of residents in the neighborhoods. The reform co-
mmenced on the 26th of lunar Sep in 1981 and terminated
in Nov 1982. The Board was instituted as the Board of
Managers of Zi Nan Temple and Mr. Chuang was selected
as the first-term Chief Executive Manager (CEM) in the
beginning of 1983. Currently, he is in his 8th term of the